Our Products

Planmeca Sovereign Classic

Our flagship dental unit model offers unmatched attention to detail.

Planmeca Compactâ„¢ i5 Classic

Stylish and smart, the latest step in the evolution of dental units.

Planmeca Compactâ„¢ i Classic

A cost-effective dental unit with all essential functionalities.

Planmeca Promax 3D CBCT Family

An ideal FOV for every diagnostic need.

Dental CAD/CAM System

Elevate your workflows with the smooth usability of our intraoral and lab scanners.

Ultrasonics With LM-Propower

LM-ProPower ultrasonic concept is designed for demanding professional use.

Dental and Medical CSSD

Designed to deliver quality without compromise. Your Sterilization & Infection Control Partner.

Phantom Head

Dental Equipment Simulation with dental excellence and the future of knowledge in technology at our hands.

Phantom Head Lab & Training Models

Total Dental Education Solution

Karl Kaps SOM 4dent

Ergonomics, Quality and Functional Design.

A Leader in Innovative Technology

Digital Magnifying Video Scope. Seeing better is easier than ever.

Complete Dental Lab Equipments

Ceramic furnace : Sensitive Technology. Customaizable display.

ARUM Dental Solution System

CAD/CAM Milling Machine Line-up. The beginning and the end.

Special Alloys Products

The excellence in the production of dental alloys.

Impression Materials

Materials and solutions for dental, industrial and wellbeing.

Home & In Office Bleaching

Effective, without risks and very easy to use, both in clinics and at home.

Lancer Orthodontics Products

High-quality, affordable orthodontic appliances and accessories.

Complete Solution for Oral Surgery

High primary stability even in d4 bone.

Medical Gases

Cenral Medical Gases Supply System.

Mortuary Unit

With electronic control panel.

Digital Pathology

Solution resides in the details.


Orthopedic Imaging with Planmed.

Hospital Beds for Patients

Complete range of electrical & manual beds.

Oxygen Generator

Electrochemical oxygen analyzer and filling station.

Modular Operation Theatre

Most integrated functions such as cleanliness and safety facilities.

Hospital Waste Incinerator

Incineration is still the preferred way to process waste.

OT Light

Advanced facilities at ultra-modern infrastructure.

Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide Cylinder

Designed to provide a safe system for the delivery of medical gases.

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